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Discord Application Format
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This is the discord staff application format


Trial Moderator
  • Reasonably active on the community
Permanent Moderator
  • 30 consecutive days as a Trial Moderator
Trial Admin
  • 60 consecutive days in Moderator position
Permanent Admin
  • 30 consecutive days as a Trial Admin
  • Obtained by all Council+ members voting either YES or NEUTRAL on an informal or formal council vote
  • Global administrative power across all CaravanGaming related servers and forums

  • You are not required to make a poll, Council+ will post their votes.
  • If your application for Trial Moderator gets denied, you may not apply for at least 15 days again.
  • If your application gets denied, you may immediately apply for any rank that is lower, or your current position.
  • You can only apply 2 days in advance of your rank expiration date
  • It is required to have the majority of votes from Council+ for a trial position
  • It is required to have all of the votes from Council+ for a permanent position
  • If you are applying for a Council position you must consult with a Director

Failure to follow any of the above rules, or the below format, will lead to instant denial of your application.

Your Alias(es):
Time Zone:
Rank being applied for:
Previous staff experience:
Why do you deserve this rank?:
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